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My opener seems to work but my carriage door is not moving?

The most probable reason is disengagement. Check the red emergency release cord and make sure it has not been pulled and if it is, just reengage the door and you can check the manual of your door to do that.

Where should the windows of a garage door be placed?

Windows on garage doors can actually be placed anywhere. If you’re having one customized and wish to have windows added, it’s up to you to decide where you wish to have them installed. However, for optimal security and the best lighting, it’s recommended placing them on the upper part of the door. These windows have several panels, like the other parts of the door.

What are the pros and cons of a steel garage door?

Steel garage doors are low maintenance, durable and cost effective. They can last for a longer time and they can also now be painted to look like wooden garage doors. However, steel is not a good insulator and it is also prone to corrosion.

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