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An Overhead Door is Heavy and Could Cause Harm to Anybody

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Are you considering a garage door maintenance plan? This part of your home might also be the heaviest and largest moving object in it. It needs proper installation and maintenance to continue functioning at its best. Our garage door repair Fern Park offers a planned program to ensure property owners they have a safe and properly operating garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance Garage doors are used every day, resulting to wear and tear. In order to keep it in good working condition and minimize the need for major repairs, a planned maintenance scheme is a sound option. Regular tune-up makes perfect sense. You can get the major benefits of this service, including reducing garage door repair costs, preventing disruption of activities, increased life expectancy of the door, and optimizing efficiency. Whether you are using Genie, Clopay or Stanley garage doors, trust us to provide the most effective maintenance service. You can have it done quarterly, annually or semi-annually. Choose one that best suits your need. We also offer garage door opener maintenance.

What Takes Place in Door Maintenance?

Companies that offer periodic maintenance perform tests, inspections and various steps to make sure that each part of the door is properly working. A visual inspection is done to check obvious signs of problem. Each part is inspected, from the springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, hinges and everything else. Signs of damage are closely detected. The cables should not be fraying, and the springs should not be loose. If something seems to be looking or sounding right, this is considered a symptom of a problem.

Aside from visual inspection, several tests could also be part of residential garage door company maintenance. These include balance test, reversing mechanism test, photo eye test and force setting test. These are necessary for the property owners’ safety. An overhead door is heavy and could cause harm to anybody. This is why it is equipped with safety features that should always work fine to do their purpose. Lubrication maintenance is also provided by companies that offer garage door repair. Maintenance technicians spray a special lubricant on the hinges, tracks, rollers and other parts.

Maintenance is the key to keep your overhead door system working properly. Start a regular program today and keep your door free from costly and annoying repairs. This will also avoid the inconvenience of emergency troubleshooting. Our company’s maintenance sees minor problems before they get worse.

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